• Guitar Nut Repair Tips and Techniques
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    Guitar Nut Repair Tips and Techniques

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    A trip to the guitar repair is every player’s worst nightmare. What a considerable lot of them don’t have the foggiest idea, however, is that a large portion of these disasters can be avoided with little preventive maintenance and some presence of mind. We recently sat down with Caleb Ramm, the guitar technician at Ernie Williamson Music in Joplin, Missouri. He’s fixed everything from severed headstocks to terrible wiring occupations, and he had plenty to state when we asked him how to maintain a strategic distance from an emergency trip to the repair shop.

    Use a Humidifier

    Dry winter air can take a toll on your instrument, and forgetting to humidify it can yield disastrous results properly. As a rule, permanently leaving your guitar out in a dry environment can cause cracks and parts, the two of which are exorbitant, if not impossible, to guitar repair. Ramm noted that numerous guitarists forget that wood is very susceptible to changes in moisture. The wood of the guitar is a living being. It does move,and it will dependably run.

    Watch the Weather

    Extreme weather, in general, can pose a risk to your instrument; simply like low moistness, heat can cause stomach-churning damage. The trunk of your car is one of the worst places to store an instrument on a hot day. According to Ramm, damage caused by extreme heat is frequent.

    Use a Stand

    Evident however it might seem, huge numbers of us are liable of disregarding this fundamental aphorism of guitar ownership. If you need to abstain from mishandling your guitar, purchase a decent stand or place it in the case. In case you’re not going to play it, put it somewhere safe,” Ramm said. Setting your instrument against the coffee table can cause scratches and dents, and if your apparatus decides to dive, severe damage can ensue.

    Any stand is better than no stand, however, stands that cradle your instrument and offer some neck support work the best. Some guitar stands, for example, Hercules Stands, bolt your instrument into place providing an even greater level of protection. Additionally, it’s safer in the case of guitar kits. Read more.

    Clean and Maintain Your Guitar

    Cleaning and keeping up your guitar can have numerous benefits. Aside from making it look nice, cleaning your guitar can extend string life and keep certain components from rusting.

    The screws will rust, the pole pieces on the pickups will rust. Once you get the pole pieces on your pickups rusted, it’s tough to get off, and it does affect the sound of your guitar. Cleaning your guitar is as simple as wiping it down after you play. This will remove some of the oils that can cause development and ultimately lead to rusting hence visit guitar repairman.

    Purchase Straplocks

    While Peter Townsend managed to make a smashed guitar one of the most glamorous symbols of the rock ‘n’ roll era, most guitarists cringe at the prospect of seeing their instrument in more than one piece. One of the most straightforward approaches to abstain from dropping your guitar is to purchase straplocks. Straps are prone to flying off of the catches, so straplocks can help prevent drop-related damage to your guitar and reduced frequency of visiting guitar repair. Learn more details at: https://guitarniche.com/best-electric-guitar-for-the-money-buyers-guide/

  • Should You Set Up Your Guitars Differently?
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    Should You Set Up Your Guitars Differently?

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    Guitar setup is an important part of your instrument. For most people they play their guitars and absolutely adore them and are fantastic, however, some believe their guitar is not set up correctly. There has been a lot of talk over whether or not guitars should be set up differently in order to achieve the best sound. Is that true? Do you need to set up your guitars differently? Read on to find out more.

    What Do You Feel Is Best When You Play?

    First of all, you have to think about how you set up your guitars and how you feel with the way you do so. Do you think this is the best way to play or do you feel it’s not quite right? If you have a feeling the set up is not right then you need to change your approach and look at another way to set up the guitar. However, if you feel all of your guitars are set up in the same manner and are happy with them maybe you should stick to that style. It’s hard to say how each individual will respond or react with a new guitar set up so you have to sure you are happy with it. It’s the same with guitar repair you wouldn’t be using a service unless you where happy with it.

    What Are You Comfortable With?

    Next, you need to decide whether or not you are actually comfortable and happy with the set up of your guitars. Do you feel something is missing or are you overall happy with your guitar setup and the music? If you have no complaints, why change it? If it’s not broke don’t fix it and that is what you have to think about here. If you are happy with your guitars and feel there is nothing to be changed then you should stick to how the set up is now. It’s something to consider nonetheless. Check here.

    Go With Your Instincts

    When there is something wrong with your guitar you look into guitar repair and if there’s something wrong with the set up you need to correct that also. Above all else you have to be happy and content with how your guitars are set up. Do you feel you need to personally change anything? If you aren’t too sure about changing anything or happy to keep the set up how it is, why not leave it? It might prove better overall.

    Choose Wisely

    Everyone has their own personal set up for their guitar and it’s difficult to tell someone how they should set up their guitar. It’s a personal choice and certainly something only the guitar player and owner can decide. Yes, it might seem far better to opt for changing your entire set up but is it really necessary? That is what you have to think about because if you don’t need it, you’re wasting your time. Always think about what’s best for you and your guitar. Choose a guitar setup however you feel is best. For more information visit: https://guitarniche.com/

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